At Hawthorne Elementary

Posted by Adrian Anantawan on Wednesday, July 13, 2011

At Hawthorne Elementary

Bryan and I decided to have a preliminary visit with the Hawthorne School, so our CODA Kids could get a sense of the environment they would be thrown into. 12 year-old Hannah was happy to volunteer as an interviewee in this process, as we grilled her on some questions about classical music. The one composer she knew: Beethoven. When we opened this question up to the entire class, our first response was, "Celine Dion?" which was promptly explained away, as she IS a classic rock composer.

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The CODA Project

Created in 2010 by myself and colleague Bryan Wagorn, the Community Outreach for Developing Artists (CODA) program was implemented June 2011 at the National Arts Centre (NAC) Summer Music Institute (SMI), founded by Isreali violinist Pinchas Zukerman.