(TV Guide Review) Adrian Anantawan, who was born without a right hand, began taking lessons when he was nine years old. Fast-forward eleven years later and you've got this documentary, which captured his solo debut performance, playing Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. The documentary chronicles his journey to fulfilling his performance dream and features footage of his musical development from its beginnings. There are interviews with his first teachers, footages of his studies at the renowned Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, his special connection with the War Amps CHAMPS Program and bond with CEO Cliff Chadderton, to the miracles achieved at the Bloorview Kids Rehab in Toronto. It also documents his rehearsal and historic performance with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Peter Oundjian. And when you hear him play... it literally gives you goosebumps. His hand may be artificial, but his talent is very, very real. Anantawan has become one of the rising classical violinists of his generation. His physical obstacles are quickly and easily forgotten as his love, passion and absolutely beautiful and chilling skill, envelop you and you soon become lost in the music. the tale of the soft-spoken Anantawan will leave you in awe, and fill you with hope, which is exactly how you expect to feel when you have been touched by greatness.

The documentary is a "labour of love" of the award winning team at the Zap Productions Inc., Toronto


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