“He is a beautiful musician. He plays so musically.” 
“He is a very sensitive player, and while he has a disadvantage when he plays, he really isn't having any; he just goes for it."
-Itzhak Perlman, Westchester Philharmonic

“I was absolutely bewildered…that’s not an handicap, its an achievement.” 
“There is no boundary of what he can achieve."
-Pinchas Zukerman, National Arts Centre Orchestra

“I think he must be one of the most determined human beings on this planet.” 
"It is one of the most extraordinary things. He has a gift, and he has an additional gift to be comfortable to share it with other people.”
-Peter Oundjian, Toronto Symphony Orchestra

"Adrian Anantawan combines passion with amazing clarity of phrasing and structure. His interpretation resulted in a magical tapestry of sound." 
“If you don’t know about his arm and you’re just listening to his music."
-Wanda Kaluzny, Montreal Chamber Orchestra

"Adrian is an extraordinary talent! He is a joy to make music with and totally inspiring to audiences. You should engage him! I have–several times!” 
-Boris Brott, National Academy Orchestra of Canada, McGill Chamber Orchestra